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Aaron Kolb

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My wife Carrie and I received a divine call from God to minister to Mexico and Latin America. I came to Mexico in 1977 and began ministering in Mexico City, the largest city of the world with some 23-25 million inhabitants. Supernaturally the Lord gave us the spanish language. I preached my first message in Spanish after four months of spanish classes and have never stopped since then.
We worked alongside a spirtual legend and apostle Wayne Myers, who has in my opinion impacted Mexico more than any other missionary. The church Amistad Cristiana (Christian Friendship) in Mexico City grew from 30 members to 3000 members in the nine years we worked there. We count it a privilege and honor to have been part of the founding and establishing of Amistad Cristiana in the years 1977-1985! This church has now grown to over 9000 members and has three back to back meetings on Sunday mornings.
After our nine years in Mexico City, Carrie and I joined a team of radical missionares going to establish a new bible school in Quito, Ecuador. We worked side by side with Daniel & Sharon Williams, and Don & Nora Sims to establish Cristo al Mundo (Christ to the World) Bible school in the capital of Ecuador. God used this school to tremendously impact the nation of Ecuador and help train and equip men and women who had a tremendous hunger for God and his word. In my first year in Ecuador I personally saw 2000 believers filled with the Holy Spirit as I visited and ministered in churches there. Four years of glory, fruit, miracles, students being trained and raised up. Our ministry continues even to this day to touch and minister in the nation of Ecuador. We presently minister to our churches there and to Quichua believers as well. God is moving powerfully among the Quichua Indians in Ecuador too. There is a great hunger for revival and the Holy Spirit there. After our four years of ministering in Ecuador the Holy Spirit again began to move our hearts once again for Mexico. We moved from Ecuador to Guadalajara, Mexico in 1989.


Guadalajara is said to be the second largest city in Mexico, numbering close to 9 million inhabitants. My wife Carrie Kolb and I and our three boys, Brandon Kolb, Jeremy Kolb, and John Andrew Kolb, came to the city of Guadalajara in 1989 with the plan of starting a powerful bible school called Cristo al Mundo (Christ to the World). God greatly blessed us as we established our bible school Cristo al Mundo with 200 students hungry for God and His word. We led for 4 years our bible school with a powerful team of missionaries. (John & Karla Vereecken, John & Judy Whitener, Chico Howard, Jimmy & Elsa Coleman, and others).
The beginning of our vision to plant a church in Guadalajara, Mexico was nothing short of supernatural. In 1993 I was invited by the director of Calvary International, based in Jacksonville, Florida to minister in Russia in our bible schools in the nation of Latvia, and then in Moscow, Russia. It was on this trip that the Holy Spirit supernaturally visited me and revealed to me that I was in a Kairos time of God in which he was transitioning Carrie and I from leading our bible school, Cristo al Mundo, to planting a new church in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. A holy fire filled my heart as the vision and calling to begin the church in Guadalajara became a reality that very year of 1993.

New Creation Church (Nueva Creación)

Carrie and I have pastored the church New Creation (Nueva Creación) for sixteen years now, and have seen God use us to raise up now a apostolic network of churches in four nations. We have grown to 23 churches in various countries. (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico and the United States).
We have ministered in cell groups, drama groups, evangelism, teaching conferences, revival conferences which we call "Fresh Oil" conferences. Youth, Women, Men conferences and special ministry. Carrie is tremendously anointed and has great passion for the womens ministry and has raised up many cell groups and a powerful monthly breakfast outreach.
Now we are not only Pastoring the local church, but pastoring pastors here in Mexico and in the nations.
New Creation (Nueva Creación) has supernaturally been raised up as a Revival church, where honoring the presence and person of the Holy Spirit is our greatest desire.
This Passion for the Presence of the Holy Spirit is the spiritual DNA that runs throughout our lives and ministry.
Since our beginnings in Missions, the Lord graced my life and ministry to help beleivers specially in Latin America to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, impartations of His Anointing, and a strong prophetic touch of God on our lives and ministry. We have been in meetings where in just one Sunday we have seen 8000 receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.